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Close-Up Magic // Stroling Magic // Table Hopping // Event Magic

Buchen Sie Stanley Brixx für Ihr Event!

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Close-up Magic / Table Hopping-Strolling Magic / Stage Magic

Nah-dran-Zauberei, Von-Tisch-zu-Tisch-Zauberei, oder auf der Eventbühne

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Consulting Film/TV

Magische Fachberatung für Film und TV: Entwicklung und Umsetzung magischer Szenen für TV- und Spielfilm, sowie TV Werbung.

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Konrad Stöckel´s Sideshow im Schmidtchen Reeperbahn // Deutsche Telekom AG

Hondo Flap Card´s

Exclusive permission to build and trade Flap Card gimmick´s in Europe

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Hondo Flap Card

The Flap Card was first introduced in 1922, in Professor R. Kunard’s Book of Card Tricks. In the decades since, it has become a staple in the routines of magicians worldwide, used to produce all sorts of stunning effects.

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Overview Hondo Flap Card´s

Hondo Flap Cards are available in Phönix and Bicycle brand. More different changes will coming soon. Contact me for purchase.

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´In Frame´ and ´Gapless´ Flap Cards

The back to back gimmicks are available as ´In Frame´ or ´Gapless´ Flap Card. All other gimmicks are ´Gapless´ Flap Cards (back to picture, picture to picture, picture to number, etc.). All Flap Cards have a regular back, e.g. choose a main red Phönix back and a change fom KH to QS.

Sleek & Beautiful

Flap by Hondo Tutorial download

Purchase the Tutorial Flap by Hondo here: http://www.magicsoulproduct.com/product/flap-by-hondo-download/?lang=en&v=3a52f3c22ed6 http://www.ellusionist.com/flap.html